A New European Extremism?

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There is a coalition of political interest in post 9/11 Europe—according to some commentators—between elements of the new left, the far right, radical Islamists, anti-globalists, and human rights activists. Despite their disparate ideologies, they share an animus against Israel and the United States.

JPR/Institute for Jewish Policy Research is undertaking a project to investigate in-depth—for a selection of European countries—the degree to which these new political alliances have formed, and their consequences.

The project aims to analyse:

  • The extent, manifestations, and interrelationship, between anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism, and antisemitism since 9/11—in the media, politics, public opinion, academy, trades unions and elsewhere.
  • The historical provenance of such sentiments in the countries concerned.
  • The consequences, in terms of the propagation of hostility towards Jews. The editors of JPR’s book A New Antisemitism? Debating Judeophobia in 21st Century Britain, argue that the singular obsession with Israel by many in this new political alliance both manifests, and promotes, Judeophobia—a fear of, and hostility towards, Jews as a collectivity.

Useful Resources

The Institute for The Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy

Here we publish the first of our specially commissioned essays for the project.

'A discourse of delegitimisation: the British Left and the Jews', by Ben Cohen

'Antisemitism and the media in Italy', by Emanuele Ottolenghi

'The barriers come down: antisemitism and the coalitions of extremes', by Dave Rich

'The crudest hatred: antisemitism and apologia for terrorism in contemporary Greece', by Andrew Apostolou

'No left turn: Israel East and West', by Robin Shepherd

'Israel, America, the Jews and the European Union', by Stephen Pollard

'The book and the sword: the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe', by Winston Pickett and Mark Gardner

Coming Soon:

'Antimodern reactions: antisemitism - anti-Zionism - anti-Americanism' , by Werner Bergmann and Juliane Wetzel

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Online essays:

* Photographic images reproduced by kind permission of the Anti-Defamation League

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