Debating Judeophobia in 21st-century Britain

Edited by Paul Iganski and Barry Kosmin

A new antisemitism? 
Jonathan Sacks
Sense on antisemitism 
Antony Lerman
Antisemitism on the streets 
Michael Whine
From 'extremism' to 'yob culture' 
Paul Iganski
The new antisemitism, or when is a taboo not a taboo? 
Peter Pulzer
Wordsmiths and atrocities against language:
the incendiary use of the Holocaust and Nazism against Jews

Howard Jacobson

Muslims, Jews and the 11 September: the British case
Robert Wistrich
Christian theology and the new antisemitism 
Melanie Phillips

Jews, Christians and the ‘new antisemitism’ 
Edward Kessler

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